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Chris Maselli -

I'm liking this FAR better than Tumblr. Cilantro gives me the security of keeping everything backed-up in my Evernote account, with the added convenience of sharing what I want with the web community.

What is a link blog?

A linkblog is your comentary of the web. As you browse the web you clip sections of pages to your blog and comment on them. See something you like? Clip it. See something you agree with? Clip it. See something you disagree with? Definitely clip it!

Daring Fireball and Kottke are great examples of link blogs.

Note: Neither Daring Fireball nor Kottke are associated with Cilantro, they are just good examples of link blogs.


How does it work?

As you browse the web, use Evernote's Webclipper to clip pages or sections of pages to your notebook.


Why is Cilantro the best?

You want to clip sections of web pages for your blog, but you don't want your blog to look like a ransom note. This where Cilantro comes in. We go to great lengths to normalize the HTML that you clip so your blog has a consistent look and feel, while maintaining the essence of what you clipped.

Add blockquote

We automatically place your clipped content in a blockquote.

Transform headers

Sometimes you clip a h1, sometimes an h6, we normalize your headers so they make sense on your page.

Strip styles

Sure that red background looks good on their webpage, but we'll get rid of that before we put it on your blog.

Strip trailing link

When you clip a URL, Evernote adds that URL to the end of your note. We'll get rid of that.

Strip empty links

Sometimes links don't got anywhere (auto-reminder links for instance). We'll get rid of those too.

Auto embed

If you link to a youtube video, we bet you'd want that video embedded on your blog. We'll do that for hundreds of sites.

Read more abour our philosophy here
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Import from Tumblr

Let's face it, you wouldn't use an @yahoo email address, so why would you host your blog with them? With Cilantro, you can import your tumblr into Evernote and really own your content.


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